Friday, April 18, 2008

Parenting: Responsibility and the Monster Under the Bed


Having a child is a responsibility to raise an adult
not an opportunity to act like a child.

At least in public, could adults act like adults around their children,
saving the regression for their private lives?
I'd like to at least be fooled into thinking I live in a civilized country.

The Monster Under The Bed

You have a kid who leaps to the bed,
to avoid the monster underneath
you take the kid, during the day, and a vacuum and thoroughly clean under the bed.

By having the kid watch you clean the area,
they'll see there is no monster
and even learned how much effort is involved in cleaning.

For those beds go straight to the floor
move them and vaccuum.

Kids are far more sensitive to smells than adults are,
and sublitus (is that Latin for "under bed?") is the least likely place to get cleaned.

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