Friday, April 11, 2008

Murdoch's Money-Laundering Connection

Years ago, Berlusconi (right wing) was busted for funnelling 6 million to the former Socialist Prime Minster of Italy (IHT).  The go-between was a guy named Tarak ben Amar, a Tunisian film producer.

So Business Week has a blog called "Fine on Media" and someone there checked out Rupert Murdoch's old cellphone, on display at the Newseum (BW). In the cellphone was Amar's number.  Fancy that.

I think Berlusconi and Murdoch represent a certain class of scum that, through cynical manipulation of the news, achieve power or money.  Scum is much to nice a word, since the future of the human race depends on accurate news, at least to some degree. 

Credit to Nick Denton for the catch.

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