Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm not making this up

Schwab, the USTR, said the goalposts keep moving for a Colombia.  See, a year or more ago, all the Democrats wanted was some labor and environmental conditions, now they want an extension of unemployment insurance, too.  I guess that the goalposts have moved, but we weren't in a recession over a year ago, so the field has moved, too, eh?  This was on C-SPAN Friday, an hour long interview with a reporter from the WSJ and USA Today.

Speaking of recessions, this trade deal, like the dozen or so others the Bush administration has pushed through, is supposed to help the economy.  That's the same story we heard when the Bush administration and a Republican Congress passed all those tax cuts.  So, between you and me, do we have a good reason to be in a recession?  Shouldn't this be the most jazzed up economy since the 1950s, when we had 90% tax rates on the rich?

Bob Novak gets the prize today.  When he was asked about the failure to pass the Colombia trade deal (on Bloomberg's "Politcal Capital" show with Hunt) he said the failure was because of, I really am not making this up, an international communist trade-union conspiracy that controls the Democrats (at least on the trade issue).

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