Wednesday, April 30, 2008

War Synchronicity

Has anyone ever asked Bush a question like "Do you feel any responsibility for how badly the war in Iraq has been going?"  If they haven't I suspect because it is they are afraid to do so.

That's what I was thinking yesterday, today I find out that tomorrow is the anniversary of the horrid "mission accomplished" poster.  I had no idea the White House, that this "man", George Walker, actually is saying
"President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific and said `mission accomplished' for these sailors who are on this ship on their mission," White House press secretary Dana Perino said Wednesday. "And we have certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner.

Also, from the same AP article, it turns out George Walker is responsible for two of the longest four wars in American history:
1 Viet Nam 8 Years, 5 Months
2 American Revolution 6 Years, 10 Months
3 Afghanistan 6 Years, 7 Months
4 Iraq 5 Years, 1 Month
Afghanistan will reach the #2 spot mid-summer, and if the next President can't end Iraq in their first year, it, too, will surpass the American Revolution.

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