Monday, April 14, 2008


So I was walking by the Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist, and I see they have free copies of the Christian Science Monitor outside.  I've thought for a while that the CSM has some of the most balanced coverage of international news that you can get from America, and it has none of the taint of Christian Science weirdness (e.g. they don't believe in medicine).

So, they have a story on the bill that is supposed to help Main Street (re: foreclosures) to a degree that might resemble the Fed's bailout of Wall Street (re: Bear Sterns).  What's been holding up the bill, and which Bush has threatened to veto it over, is a provision that would allow Judges to adjust the terms of existing mortgages.  They say that will put too much uncertainty in the market.

What the article points out is if were your yacht or your vacation home the Judge would have that authority. 

At least the bankers and credit agencies got through that corporate sleaze bankruptcy bill a few years ago, you remember, the one that said even if you declare bankruptcy, credit card debt that might have been forgiven is now totally payable, even before child support!.

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