Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 June 20, Friday Night Bar Crawl

Met a friend at Cafe Noir which was very open air, but otherwise none too interesting.  From their we stepped near the door of Gatsby's but the U2 blaring out the door was painful more than three feet away.  At this point some of the other people in the party are at the Soho Room.  This place is comfortable, not much decor but there's nothing bad about what they do have, the service is quick and even a bit friendly, and the music was so bad that I am reluctant to say the words, feel free avert your eyes, Motley Crue.  While we were here there were 10 of us, and, at least for a while, the music was at a reasonable volume so that people could hear each other.  Then I was at a place called Noble, they were playing hip-hop, but they had a six by five painting which was a feminist-punk slam on Vogue magazine on the wall. My friend was interested in the bartender, and way too drunk, not to mention barbaric, so I left him there. Then I went to the Back Room, Tim Robbins' bar.  I suppose it was nice enough, pretty crowded at 2:30am.  Had a free drink (I didn't pay at Noble, either), and then started heading in the direction of home.  Was thinking of going to another place, but realized I had walked past it by only a block or two and still wasn't going backwards.

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