Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Superstitious

About tons of stuff, but none of the normal things.  Black cats concern me no more or less than cats of any other color, and that not much at all, unless they are feral.  No, I consider things like the subway system.  When I show up at the subway, is the train just arriving, perhaps just leaving?  The former is a much better sign than the latter.  Sometimes I'll imagine that for a week straight I haven't had to wait for a subway.  The way things work in NYC, the subway platforms have to be about the most disgusting things that a person would normally walk in to.  Surely there is no place of commerce with that little regard for cleanliness.  The phrase "cleanliness is next to godliness" puts cleanliness in a real high position, especially for atheists.  I imagine the subway tunnels have never really been cleaned, which means about 100+ years of muck and mire have accumulated.  I guess it is no wonder I don't want to spend any extra time there than I have to.  Most of the subway cars are spotless by comparison.

By the way, the German Romantics were a movement of the early 1800s in Germany that some people had given me the impression spoke of Language And Conflict, my thesis.  Well, they don't.  However, Ficthe and von Herder weren't German Romantics, and for some gal-darned reason, although everything else from Amazon comes very quickly, my two Fichte and von Herder still aren't here.  It's a good thing, too, about the German Romantics, since other people trace a direct line from them to the Nazis.  Not really surprising after reading Novalis.  A whole bunch of pro-monarchic, pro-catholic, pro-inquisition (basically) claptrap which suggests that a good ruler just needs to be poetic.  I'm not saying, if it isn't too much trouble, for rulers to be poetic.  I'm just saying it is ancillary.

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