Thursday, June 12, 2008

Games with Semantics: There will be no "permanent" bases in Iraq!

Bush is chiding people who believe reports that say the "Status of Forces Agreement"(SOFA) that is secret, and to be signed by the Iraqi government, includes "permanent" bases.

Now let us step into the mind of President Bush:
Look, even if we gave Hallibuddy and Buckstel a gazillion dollars (and Lord only knows, we tried) those bases wouldn't last more than, what, a couple thousand years?

That's not "permanent" where I come from.  Thank goodness no reporters ever had the temerity to ask if we are paying for bases that will last for a decade or more.
Patrick Cockburn has been in Iraq a long time and has been breaking stories on the SOFA.  His recent report on it is here.

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