Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Congressional Low: Nationalism meets Education

Democrats, with full Republican support, are amending a bill to make it complete stupid.

The original bill says that Federal funding to build schools have to go to green/efficient schools.  7% of school funding nationwide is from the Feds, and a lot of that, I understand, is for school construction.

The amendment says that all steel and iron used in such schools must be made in America.  The reasoning, repeatedly stated, is that Chinese steel, well, all non-American steel, doesn't meet American standards for quality, and we don't want to endanger the kiddies.

Call me "someone far more likely to cross a bridge than enter a grade school," but if Chinese steel is so bad, I don't want it to be used to build any bridges, either!  And if it isn't that bad, maybe this amendment wasn't really the way to address the problem of Chinese government subsidized, and sub-excellent, steel.

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