Friday, June 13, 2008

Would Someone Sending Their Kids To Private School Fund Public Schools to Beat Them?

Of course no one who sends their kids to private school would elect to fund public schools at such a rate (5 kids per class, teachers earn $100K to start!) that would exceed the funding for private schools.

Roughly 1% of people give 80% of all donations to political campaigns.  Roughly 11% of all students go to non-public schools.  Let's imagine, since data is not readily obtainable, that the richest Americans, generally speaking, both donate to political campaigns and send their children to private schools.

It would then be clear that the people who impact political discourse in America have little personal interest in good public schools.  It is actually worse than that, since, to be honest, you don't just want your child to do well in school, you want your child to do better than the other children in other schools.  Parents of private school students almost have a vested interest in making sure public school children only learn enough to perform "service industry" tasks.  People might complain about people in checkout lines who can't make change, but the computer does it for them, so it is really no big deal, right? 

Not to mention the school connections that private schools offer.  I know some of the kids who went to a private school I went to have advanced degrees and high-paying jobs.  I'd be utterly shocked to learn that none of them used school connections to get any of it.

My solution? The average wage for teachers should meet, if not exceed, the average wage, nationwide. And, of course, smaller classrooms.

Why did it work so well before?  Women smart enough to do any job were limited by convention and rules from pursuing careers outside of teaching or nursing. When women were freed, the quality of teachers and nurses decreased.

All in all, even though it meant Ann Coulter would become a lawyer, of course I wouldn't want to go back.

And remember, the reason America lost WWII was that most of our soldiers had been sent to public schools!

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