Thursday, June 05, 2008

Are We Civilized?

If we were civilized, as a species, the only people who would live as pictured below would be people who had sinned against society or, at least, society's code.

Does it require a government of the world to deal with this situation?  I hope not.  I think we can all see that there is no benefit to having people born and raised in the most marginal, or in some cases sub-marginal, conditions.  Does it do you or I any good to have someone born to live as pictured below? 

I think it speaks badly of us, not that this is the only thing I'd be embarrassed about if we ever do meet any life from beyond the planet.

This image is from Afar, Ethiopia, site of the mid-1980s drought and famine, and again, now, there is another drought, and millions of children are growing up malnourished (UNICEF estimate).  Human needs don't allow us to live in the deepest deserts, or on the highest mountains, but to survive, tenaciously, people have lived on the very edges of these uninhabitable zones. 

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