Friday, June 27, 2008

How I'd Like to See the Second Amendment

I start by pointing out that every male in America is in a militia, by law, whether they know it or not.  I can't remember the portion of the United States Code, but I've read it myself.  Therefore, the question of whether or not it is an "individual" right or a right of militias is moot (at least for males between 18 and ?60?).

Who has been to a military armory?  I have.  Who has been to the armory of a Police Station?  I've seen them on television.  The cops and the military have hardware, and they don't leave it in a shoebox.  They are required by rules and regulations to secure their arms when not in use (no, you can't use a gun while you are sleeping).  The more dangerous the arms, the more rules they have for securing them.  In the military, the TOW II (anti-tank missiles, you've probably seen the arm-sized tubes on the back of a Humvee) missile system is secured to a very different degree than a .45 caliber pistol.  The TOW II is a pretty extreme example, because the military keeps Secret the repair manuals for the device, while the complete plans for building a pistol are available for free.

It might be most fair to have the people and the government play by the same rules when it comes to owning and securing their firearms.  The arsenal of a larger police station, which might include shotguns, rifles, pistols and some riot gear, might require a 24 hour guard.  I'm not saying individuals (who can't guard a physically robust locker 24 hours a day by themselves) can't have such large arsenals, I'm saying they would need to gather together in a group, which for sake of argument and pique I hereby name "militia," in order to do so.

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