Saturday, December 27, 2008

Global Capitalism and Guinea

     As a reminder, after the death of Lansana Conte, dictator/President for 24 years in Guinea, there was a bloodless coup by a mostly military group.  Conte had come to power the same way 24 years ago. 

     The Conte government took money from the international aluminum producers and made little to no effort on behalf of the Guinean people.  The Camara gov't could be interested in making itself rich, and has sought power for that purpose...  it could be interested in seeing benefits for its linguistic group (the Malinke)...  it could be interested in helping everyone in Guinea except the Soussou (those who benefitted most from Conte's rule)...  or it could be interested in serving all Guineans.

     The ironic part being that the global capitalist(best-price-seeking) mindset wants Capt. Camara to be a petty, selfish corrupt dictator bent on keeping the peace and being the only one who gets a slice of the pie.

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