Saturday, December 06, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate

     Even though people are petitioning the Supreme Court to force Hawai'i to produce the document, the Obama campaign put this online months ago.  Notice anything odd about it?

     I noticed something odd.  The "race" field.  Could someone explain to me how this is relevant?  I suppose it could be used later to disprove that a person is who their birth certificate says they are ("Why, you're a white myn, but this here documents says you have two black parents!") but, gosh, lots of things we have now do that.  Blood type is reasonable.&bbsp; Foot prints are often taken. 

     Let's aim to erase "RACE" from public documents, like identity cards, just like we wouldn't (now) put your parents religion on your birth certificate, or put your religion on your identity card.

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