Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama Has Many Choices

     We can almost assume that not 100% of the people Bush appointed were idiots.  There are thousands of political appointments, and he didn't know them all personally.  Bush didn't get in any trouble at all, for anything he did as President, so I'd like to thank the shoe-thrower.

     Here are some people who work for the government, or government started entities, and a review of them:
Thomas StallUSAID Iraq DirectorWorse than Worthless. Still saying "stay the course." Knee-jerk privatizer, people be damned
Raymond GilpinUSIP Assoc VP (Econ)Knee-jerk privatizer, somewhat forthright with bad news, not impressive, non-native English speaker
Paul BrinkleyDep. UnderSec'y of Defense
for Bus. Transformation
Not brilliant, still too pro-Business, but pragmatic. Keep
John HerbstState Dept. Coord
for Iraq Reconstru

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