Thursday, December 25, 2008

How Bad Is America? Pretty Bad This Time

     "One of the things we want to see immediately is a restoration of a civilian democratic rule," said State Department spokesman Robert Wood. 

     "Civilian" "Democratic" rule?  Conte was "civilian" in the sense that he was a member of the military.  That alternative definition of "civilian" which includes "the military" will be sent to you in your new "Doublespeak Dictionary" arriving soon.

     "Democratic"? Conte took over in a coup.  He was in power for almost 25 years, it isn't officially a one-party state, but his party has been in power the whole time.  Back in 2004 he tried to force his man (the successor, by the Constitution) into the successor job, and Parliament wasn't really keen on the idea, so he made sure Parliament didn't meet until it agreed.  That sounds more like the English Monarchy of the 1600s than "democracy."  Again, your dictionary updates will be coming soon in the mail.  Please also look for other new definitions:

     Profit: See, God

     Freedom: The wonderful power to do be allowed to do what you are told to do

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