Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Every Senior Republican Senator A Hypocrite?

     I Hereby propose legislation for the 111th Congress, "The Hypocrite Awareness Act."  Remember when all the Republicans were going to push something called the "nuclear option," which would have been a ruling by the Chair on a point of order that, on judicial nominations, no filibusters would be allowed.  See, President Bush nominated lots of Judges to lifelong appointments on the Federal Court whose only "qualification" was ideological, sure to upset the Democratic ideological opposition.  Character was not an issue, and many lacked it.  Post-14th century views on the sexes or the races were, apparently, not uniformly required. 

     Are these Republican Senators hypocrites?  Were they lying when they said this was an important principle?  How many of these same, exact Republicans would support the idea that they shouldn't ever filibuster an Obama judicial nominee? 

     Truth be told, after starting to dig around, I thought there might be some merit to the arguments being made by the Republicans at that time.  I wasn't convinced, but if the Republicans are willing to make it again, perhaps a little less pressured by time constraints (President-elect Obama, naturally, hasn't made any judicial appointments), and the issue might be resolved. 

     Well, that, or the hypocrites might be exposed.

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