Sunday, December 07, 2008

Obama, Wasting His Time, America's Time

     Obama is going to have a press conference to announce the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs today.  Is anyone going to try to convince me that putting him in front of a bunch of flags, telling us who is going to have a job, and giving us the rosies of his resume, is a useful use of time? 

     Obama isn't President yet, but he's already wasting our time.  The media, and people who tune into the media, for such events, are also to blame.

     This is one of the things I hated about the Bush administration, when a lot of the top officials in the entire country would be seated around a table with Bush, or standing in front of a bunch of flags, acting as stage props while Bush spoke, as if they were a bunch of trained seals.  I know Bush believed in that kind of craziness, that the words sound more important if you can waste important people's time by making them stand behind you when you speak them, but I was hoping Obama was more intelligent than that.

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