Saturday, December 20, 2008


     Is there some great stain involved with being a journalist?  Of course not.  Then why are such dumb-asses getting the job?

     I'm watching Fox & Friends this morning, and the idiocy has been non-stop.  Not only have the stories (between multi-minute segments on a single mother-kills-daughter death) been dumb, the presentations have been idiotic. Little of it qualifies as "news."  First they call Joe Biden saying the economy is tanking a "gaffe." What planet are they on?  Biden also said the economy might need another 600-700 billion dollar plan, which the "hosts" talked about for a while, 2 of 3 saying that they heard it might be 1 trillion dollars, suggesting Biden never said anything wrong, and never committed a "gaffe," but they kept going on and on saying that he uses "colorful language" (doesn't that usually mean cursing?) and "hyperbole."  As Bob Somerby says, but doesn't quite understand, they were repeating the script.  Bob, they are idiots, they are lazy, if you tell them that Biden committes "gaffes" and then he says something they don't like, that must be the gaffe.  It's certainly not a plot, it is a consequence of not being smart.  Then they talked about Congressional pay raises.  Rather than just say they hate the Democratic Congress, and Congress in general, they got some idiot from twitter to say it for them, and they read the person's comment on air.  The person's comment was that Congress had done nothing at all, and so didn't deserve a raise.  Nothing?  One of the "hosts" said they should take the raise, and give it all to charity, because that would put it in the economy. 

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