Friday, September 19, 2003

Bush, in league with the Tyrants
I am not talking about Bush being in league with the terrorist Orlando Bosch, which Bush&Co love. Bush loves terrorists, you just have to kill the right children. Bosch kills Cuban children, and that is why Bush loves him. Bosch tries to blow up Polish freighters, and we all know that if the Solidarity Trade Union movement in Poland hadn't happened, Reagan and the Conservatives would have had a MUCH easier time destroying the last vestiges of the right to organize in this country. Bush has simply declared that the terrorists want us out of Al-Iraq. He said it in such a way to make it sound like anyone who would suggest that we should get out of Al-Iraq is in league with the terrorists. Therefore, anyone who disagrees with Bush is a terrorist. Stalin couldn't have said it any better. The President really makes me angry, for sounding so insipid all the time. And he still is supporting terrorists within the United States, Bosch, and some guy in NYC.

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