Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Bush spits at United Nations
American media applauds range and volume. President Bush went to the United Nations to repeat the claim that he was, in fact, entirely justified in destroying a country that had no WMD, and hadn't been involved in 9/11. He wants, of course, your money and your support (he is a very practiced fundraiser) This reminds me of the story of the Chicken who walks to all the other animals and the Chicken paces back and forth and says to all the other barnyard animals... "Let's go knock over that gas station!" and all the other animals say no, and then the Chicken wants the other animals to chip in doing the jail sentence and paying the fines. Take for example, Bush's FIRST words to the UN. He brought up 9/11. The whole freaking point was that if Saddam HAD HAD something to do with 9/11, then, well, at least the war wouldn't have been illegal from an American perspective, although still a violation of international law. And, in fact, if Bush had tried to prove Saddam had been linked to 9/11, and been succesful, the UN would have, more than likely, gotten on board. But, despite the lame attempt to re-educate Americans about the truth, the first thing Bush says to the UN is "9/11 9/11 9/11" and that is supposed to do what? Confuse them? They are not as stupid as you hope, I fear(?)

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