Sunday, September 28, 2003

The story of the Chicken and the Other Animals
I am reminded of a story, about a little Chicken who wanted to make some bread. So, the Chicken went to the lazy snake and said "Want to make some bread?" and the Snake asked "How?" and the Chicken said "Don't ask questions, you stupid Snake, Yes or No?" and the Snake said "No." Next, the Chicken went to the Dog, who just liked playing. The Chicken asked again "Do you want to help me make some bread?" and the Dog asked the same question as the Snake, so the Chicken decided it better answer and said "By knocking over the gas station down the street." and the Dog said "I thought you said bread?" and the Chicken said "Sure, bread, dough, manna, moolah, 'BREAD'. That gas station has to be worth 6 trillion dollars (actual estimate of the value of Iraqi oil)" and the Dog said "No way!" and the Chicken said "If you reveal my plans, I will have you executed." and the Dog said "Whatever" and went off to play. Well, the Chicken didn't have any luck with the threats and the bribes, and eventually everyone in the whole farm knew the Chicken was planning to Knock Over the Gas Station, and the Chicken did. Afterwards, all the other animals came over to the Gas Station, to see what was going on, and they could see the Chicken was getting its feathers singed, that the gas station attendants were bound and gagged, and a few friends of the Chicken were putting up signs that said "Open for Business" and "Chicken is the Best Ever!" and trying to change the prices over the pumps. Not many people were buying, so the Chicken and Chicken's friends went to all the other animals and said "Fuck you, you stupid fucking animals, stop talking about what is going on, because that is irrelevant, the only relevant thing now is that you ALL CARE that the attendants are dying and I am getting my feathers singed, so fetch a pail of fucking water AND SNAP TO IT!" The other Animals turned away, made some animal droppings, and left. PEICE OF SHIT BUSH!

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