Thursday, September 04, 2003

George Allen, Senior Senator from Virgina, Despicable

     This post has been edited to remove some of the cursewords.

     George Allen actually had the gall to call Miguel Estrada a "Horatio Alger" story.

     Most Americans can't remember the origins of the phrase, so I shall be remindful. Horatio Alger's stories were always of lucky, plucky, moral poor people who wind up acheiving great success. They are the classics of the "Rags to Riches" genre. Although all the success stories involved luck, no one could begrudge the lucky heros, because they were upstanding sorts in the first place.

     Miguel Estrada grew up among the elites in Honduras. His family has/had access to power and wealth.  His family also benefitted from being of Spanish descent in a culture that distinguishes between all sorts of mixes of Spaniard, African and South American (Indians) in a way that makes the former American Apartheid look positively open-minded.

     Anyone who tries to call elites "Horatio Alger storyies" is stupid, ignorant, evil or a patsy.

     What is George Allen?

     Not that Frist's comments weren't despicable, or that Specter's comments were defensible, but the Horatio Alger shit just stinks.

     Eh, who knows, maybe it can all be blamed on a hapless "aide,"