Thursday, September 25, 2003

Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader, Completely Batshit
In this article from the Washington Post, Tom DeLay, 2nd most powerful Republican (technically, more likely the 1st most powerful) in the United States House of Representatives said
Democrats want to return to the weak and indecisive foreign policy of the Cold War ... They seem not to recognize our nation is genuinely threatened by a real and dangerous evil, the destruction of which must be the single unifying purpose of our nation.
Dear Mr Loonypants. Who won the Cold War? How many millions of dead did it cost the United States? Answers? The United States won, and we never had to fire a shot directly at the Soviets. Now, Mr Loonypants, our nation is not threatened by terrorism. Our Nation came nowhere near destruction after the hijack-bombings at the WTC and Pentagon. Imagining the worst (don't, but, think about it sometime) attack possible by terrorists and still, our Nation would continue to survive. They are few, and relatively powerless. They can hurt us, make it sting, bring tears to our eyes, kill some milli-percentage of us, but they will never defeat us (I mean, as long as people like you don't let them, which you seem bent on doing). We can not destory "terrorism" anymore than we can destroy murder, or theft. Terrorism is a crime, and, like any other, deserves to be dealt with by the proper authorities. Dear Mr Loonypants, Tom DeLay, perjurer(seems so), laughable clown, go away.

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