Monday, September 01, 2003

Bush's Labor Day speech
We might have had a recession, two years ago, but the economy is still shedding jobs. Every Bush tax cut has been bad for the economy. This is primarily because of the secondary effects. Even though the 1990s showed the greatest productivity growth in decades, wages did not rise as they normally did. In fact, at the bottom of the 1991 recession, people felt they had more job security than they did in 1996, at the height of the boom. Job security now is even lower than at the bottom of Bush's father's recession. This is fundamentally shaky ground is the context for massive upper clas tax cuts. The fact is, any President should be allowed to lie to America like Bush is doing, on the matters of our economic future. Sometimes realism is in order, but it isn't a crime to be optimistic. The crime is that the media just echoes what he says. The big American cable news stations emphasize his points for him. There is no questioning. We have to expect It is the Death of Critical Thinking. Isn't this the most anti-Intellectual age since the Dark Ages? Seems like it to me. Well, Bush had to go back to 1908, a terrible, corrupt time in the history of US Government, the most partisan and fractured time in our Nation's history, to make a point on how long workers used to have to work to afford a car. It was so bad in America, in 1908, that 1912 proved to be the most succesful year for a Socialist candidate for President in US History. Eugene V Debs. Excess by either side usually results in victory for the other. At least we can hope.

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