Friday, September 19, 2003

Pathetic Fascist Line Up
After years of trying to convince people Saddam was connected with 9/11, and after more than a year of knowing that most people still think the two are connected (i.e. Saddam was behind it, rather than the actual truth, that a decade of sanctions for WMD that were destroyed in 1991 was Osama's 2nd best recruiting jingle, after the Israel/Palestine situation), our fraidy-cat President took a stab at being "Educator-In-Chief" and expressly stated that he had no reason to believe Saddam was connected to 9/11. Well, I sure don't fucking appreciate making this effort AFTER we already killed 10s of thousands of Iraqis. (Innocent civilian dead stand between 3 and 7K (not counting those that die of starvation, bad water, or because of the lack of infrastructure/services)) But most telling was WHO was sitting next to him when he gave this little "update" to the people. Rep. Tauzin (the fascist Cajun in Congress) and Sen. Pete "Pork" Domenici. Some of Tauzin's behavior is indicative of the worst in Congress. When the election 2000 races were called early (before the polls closed (Florida) and before the real count was known (nationwide), Tauzin led a press conference. 95% of journalists (seem) never dig beyond press conference information for their reporting. Anyway, Tauzin brought up the regrettable fact that the Florida race was "called" early, and mentioned several television stations in order to lay the blame. What the shameless Murdoch-ball-licking fascist negelected to mention WAS THAT FOX NEWS CALLED FLORIDA EARLY! Can you imagine it? One station jumped the gun, the other followed, and Tauzin lists the others, not his fascist leaders at FOX News. Damn them to hell. Sen Domenici, well, his long story can't be made short. The Senator will say the most outrageous GOP party-line crap and not bat an eyelash. Tauzin and Domenici are both horribly second rate men, both GOP "loyalists" (hacks) who can't reason, lack principles, and certainly deserve to be turned out, but, of course, the same industries they protect with their laws are the ones that get them re-elected. Tauzin recently cited a 5 year old study, that had been ENTIRELY DISCREDITED 2.5 years ago, to convince (lie to) the public to push through his corporate fascist energy bill.

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