Monday, September 22, 2003

I made it, I like it
I came up with a funny name for Bush's foreign policy, but I think it is quite apt. Oil Liberation Theology Reminds me of the time our current "President" Bush went to Nicaragua. He was there for one day, it happened to be the anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero, of the Roman Catholic church. Bush the Dumber didn't bring it up (Romero was killed by RIGHT wingers you see, so it must have been AOK) In fact, he was there to boost the reputation of the right wing government, which had recently won an election over Daniel Ortega, and had used this as a campaign strategy... Remember last time Ortega was in charge? Remember how the USA sicced the Contras on us? Do you want that again? I think anyone who threatens his population with US backed death squads deserves our support. And let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Vote for the pro-US candidate or your election means JACK SQUAT. I mean, ahem, we can't have elections getting in the way of US Foreign Policy.

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