Sunday, November 09, 2003

Aznar... Ker-Plunk
I did some research into this already. None of the "democratically" elected leaders really are going to be re-elected after this. Iceland's PM has already lost. Latvia's ruling coalition lasted until the day after the election, when one hard right group dropped (Latvia's election was really more a referendum on EU membership). Uzbekistan's Karimov, well, he is about as Republican as Saddam was (95% of the vote, often enough, he's the former Soviet Commissar for the Uzbekis). Now Jose Maria Aznar is not even going to run again. For the record, Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy whose head of State, King Juan Carlos, was hand-picked by Franco in 1978. Aznar, as Prime Minister, is elected to that post by the Parliament, not directly by the people.

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