Sunday, November 09, 2003

An Imaginary Conversation
O'Reilly: Healing one person here, helping another person there, what are you really accomplishing? MysteryGuest: It is more important for people to hear what I have to say than to take note of what I do. O'Reilly: Isn't that what liberals always do? Talk, talk, talk? Sounds like a lot of hot air to me... Let me ask you a question. George Bush's tax cuts have put money, real money, in the pockets of millions of Americans, what have you done that can compare with that? MysteryGuest: Render unto Caesar... O'Reilly: Ah ha! You seem to a firm supporter of taxation. Ladies and Gentleman... hasn't the government taken enough from you already? MysteryGuest: I believe the poor... O'Reilly: The poor? Caring after the poor is a black hole, Mr. Nazarene. there's no end to it! When will you liberals ever learn?

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