Monday, November 17, 2003

Finally, someone else says it
Clark looks right, but I'll have to differ on his final statement quoted. Fred Hiatt looks good, too. Clark is right, we do need to catch Saddam Hussein as priority number 1 in Iraq. "Saddam is Iraq, Iraq is Saddam" is part of their "state cult." The longer Saddam stays free the longer that any sheetbeard colonel can give an order that someone might think is coming from the Most powerful ruler in the World, Saddam! This July 1 business is bad. We must find Saddam before then. The most obvious answer is that we are not trying hard to find him, or, we are trying to capture more than just him in a big dustpan operation. Are we sure his food stocks in his hidey hole won't last two years? Saddam is Iraq, his 3rd Most Senior Chief of Police is not Iraq. Uday and Qusay are gone (right?). Lifting Saddam out now is like taking a mystical battery from the violent resistance in Iraq.

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