Friday, November 28, 2003

Heritage of Hipness
I have been cool, and I have been not. I do not think Mr. Doug Feith, under-something for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, was ever that cool. Case in point, a speech by Mr. Feith at the Heritage Foundation, a bunch of stuck-up rich punks who buy academics, where he actually says that the NeoCon movement isn't, well, let him actually utter the words...[from para 4]
The realignment of US politics that joined William Buckley with Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz that bound together supporters of Barry Goldwater with supporters of Scoop Jackson and Hubert Humphrey has helped change our country and the world. At home, it made the conservative slice of the political spectrum a lively place, intellectually scintillating, creative, ambitious to transform government, attractive to young people, and decidedly non-stodgy.
You were young and foolish then, Doug. You are old and foolish now. And you also express some of the worst of what Reagan did to conservatism. The fight was never between Capitalism & Salesmanship vs Communism & State planning. The fight was always be between Republicanism(a la Montesquieu/Madison) and Tyranny. But to say that Republicans are always right, and Tyrants always wrong, well, that is foolish, also, for it blinds us to our mistakes, which prevents us from pulling our tail from the fire!

Mr. Feith then tries to tie in numerous quotes of Presidents Reagan and one from G. Bush

    Reagan on elections
      damning Republics, not anti-capitalists
    Reagan on "infrastructure of democracy"
      nice, but I think I remember the Reagan era, and that's empty rhetoric
    G. Bush (at NED of all places!) on what middle easterners deserve
      There are so many millions of ways to go about getting people what wonderful thinks you think they might deserve without bombing them.

Prostelyzing Freedom is Fundamental (not reading) Then the article gets REALLY bad. omg. basically, we exist TO push the idea that freedom is good. that the war on terrorism STARTS with disrupting foreign groups, and THEN gets to the idea of protecting america (followed by a "war of ideas," whose arsenal i bet they are planning to stock soon) It's amazing. There isn't a paragraph that doesn't contain some loony premise (or not speak to the topic at hand) but sometimes every sentence in a paragraph is a hopeless sham before the intellectuals of the future. PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO DOUG FEITH NOW! WE ARE NOT ALONE!

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