Monday, November 10, 2003

Democracy Decays Before Our Eyes, Few Say "Peep."
The Democratic Primaries, this year, will have 9 candidates on the ballot. This makes it the largest ballot in living memory. Three Republican States, and one DLC State, have decided to drop their primaries altogether! One RNC spokesperson, said "There's no reason to spend the money when it isn't necessary." I am floored. Choosing a decent Democrat isn't necessary? Or do you mean someone just doesn't want to trust the "people" with the ability to smell a rat anymore? Doesn't the General Election cost more? The Constitution doesn't require them, you know... I'm greif-stricken. Yahoo! News has the story and Buzzflash got me the link. Another view, where Gov Locke (D-WA) is also dismissing them, from the Houston Chronicle. Complicated Choice? Get the People out of the way! (Well, hmm, can't say as I totally blame them, the way you all have been acting lately.)

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