Sunday, November 30, 2003

Political Movie I've seen a lot of movies, some of them have political scenes or themes. The WInd and the Lion(1975, Columbia/MGM) The main plot is about a Moroccan anti-European brigand and his proper American captive. There's a lot of gemeric Arab overacting? President Teddy Roosevelt is the "protagonist." in that he's going to order the Marine expedition to rescue the lady. During one scene, of barely acknowledged irony, Roosevelt is on the back of a caboose, staged like a modern G. Walker Bush, flanked by two smiling "Indians," Roosevelt is yelling something like "I will not stand by and let innocent women and children be killed." And, of course, no native Americans were ever slaughtered. The movies main plot device is to compare the lives of the two "leaders," Roosevelt and el-Raisuli Ah, the movie also shows a bit of war pig salivation over the idea of a World War!

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