Friday, May 19, 2006

Best Management Practices: The San Ysidro Example

     You are a border control official, and you've gotten a tip on a car.  You pull the car over, and as you approach it on foot, the car starts driving and turns back into traffic, you

  • a) Fire at the driver, shooting until the car stops
  • b) Fire at the wheels, shooting until the car stops
  • c) Fire in the air, at least once, alerting the driver that they had better stop.

     If you answered A, you were probably trained by the US Border Patrol!

     Next question.  If you have preceded to shoot to death a person driving, you should

  • a) Keep hundreds of people, anywhere nearby, in their cars for hours, near the bodies
  • b) Let everyone out of the area, using breakdown lanes and other contrivances
  • c) Keep the traffic across the border moving as if nothing had happened.

     If you've selected A again, then you are TOP COP material!  America is a country where, in fact, it is a CRIME PUNISHABLE BY INSTANTANEOUSLY METED OUT LETHAL FORCE to pull away from a cop.

     What was the problem here, anyway?  The tip was that someone had picked up illegal entrants into the United States and was bringing them to Mexico.  Don't we want people to bring illegal entrants out of the country?  I'm not saying we should subsidize anyone who wants to drive an illegal to Mexico... but they can use the carpool lane.

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