Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Laziness or Deception, Hardly Matters

     Does it matter if your press corps is simply incompetent, or actually out to acheive certain ends?  It hardly even matters.

     The new big deception is to refer to Iran as a member of the "Nuclear Club."  For the last fifty years, the term nuclear club has only referred to those with nuclear weapons. 

     It's amazingly easy to teach people that Iran has nuclear bombs if you tell them they are in the half-century old club of those who do.  A club whose sole requirement for membership is having nuclear bombs.

     Who are these warmongers?  Where do they get off?  They are Criminals Against Humanity.  I don't care if Ahmadinejad actually _said_ "nuclear club" (which, as he speaks in Farsi, seems doubtful).  The words have meaning in America, and have for a half a century.

     This week it was the abyssmal Trevor Royle at the Sunday Herald.

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