Wednesday, May 24, 2006


     Did Adolph Hitler use airplanes and bombs to kill the Resistance? 

     If he did, does that make it OK when we do it in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Could this be part of our PR problem?  If Hitler didn't even do it, how does that make us look?

     I'm all for using planes against planes, and armored vehicles, and maybe even against regular vehicles.  Here in the United States we generally only use helicopters, and then only to monitor vehicles, or people running on the ground. 

     At least until "full sovereignity" (minus a few things) was handed over to the Iraqis, it is hard to argue that we should have treated them any differently than the US military might treat a US citizen in this country. 

     No, I never yet heard of a member of the US Armed Forces laying down their life to save an Iraqi civilian, not in the way that one might expect soldiers, sailors, airpeople and marines to do for each other.

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