Monday, May 29, 2006

Please Be Honest

     One value of writing is putting things down succinctly.  Have you ever seen a briefer overview of factions within the Republican Party?  From the age when people who watch the Daily Show are more informed than those who watch America's #1 rated cable "news" show, here is a presentation of the The Ironic Times.

Factions in the Republican Party
Old Money Conservatives Establish permanent plutocracy
Christian Right Bring Jesus into schools, government, dating
Big Corporate Interests Make tax cheating more convenient
Homophobes Make nation safe for hate crimes
Xenophobes Construct giant wall around entire country, give border guards shoot-to-kill orders
Prairie Independents Destroy all regulatory agencies, rape environment
War Hawks Make world into freedom-loving mini-Americas through unrestrained use of military power
Traditionalists Restore routine corruption, bribery, influence peddling to former place of honor

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