Monday, May 15, 2006

"Good" News

     A couple years ago, the greedy, self-righteous Army of Idiots who staff the White House led a coup against the elected leader of Haiti.

     They accused Aristide of not maintaining security, they prevented even defensive equipment from being imported for Haitian police, the Bush administration sent the military in, the military engaged in the kidnapping of a foreign leader, much like it was done in Venezuela.  The Bush administration are certainly international criminals, and the grossest violators of their oft-trumpeted concept of "sovereignity."

     The Bush administration put Killers, Drug-Dealers and Evangelical Preachers in charge of Haiti after Aristide left for Africa.  They were never elected to anything, and they consistently pushed back all elections.  Greedy, power-mad hacks at the State Department and in the White House, these shameless humans, they would criticize fair elections in Palestine and Lebanon that elect Islamists, but they never made a peep about the lack of elections in Haiti.

     Aristide's ally, Rene Preval, won the first elections that Haiti had.  He has taken office today.

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