Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today's Blog Post: Bi-Republicans

     So, today I was cruising around the blogs, not even sure I checked Google News first, and I had a little epiphany.  We all know many politicians, but especially Republicans, are shameless.  If you follow the Daily Howler might have read his "Socrates Speaks" sidesite, which descibes how some mid-1990s shameless Republican said his proposed changes to the Medicare plan were not "cuts."

     Years later, some Democrats wanted to tone down Bush's proposed Billionaire Bingo tax cuts of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.  They didn't ask for tax hikes, mostly, just to slow the tax cuts proposed by His Monchichiness, the President.  At this time, Republicans accused the lowly Democrats of proposing tax hikes, even though no such thing had seriously been proposed.  Gore wanted smaller tax cuts than Bush, and Republicans would call Gore's tax cut plan a tax "hike."  Amazing, aren't they?

     Did it work?  Ya betcha.  Newt's medicare plan was passed and all of the Democratic efforts to slow the tax cuts for the Waltons and the 18 Families were blocked.  And if it worked that well last time, of course, the braindead Republicans are going to try it again!  Are you going to let them get away with it?  Think about blogging the issue.

     As anyone with eyes can plainly see, from Tony Snow as the White House Press Spokesliar to the new House Majority Leader, John Boehner, Republican Stinkies are trumpeting the undeniable fact that Federal Tax Revenue is "soaring."

     Thanks to the blogger Peatey I found this graphic, originally made by Kash at Angry Bear, which shows all tax revenue except Social Security taxes.
A graph of federal revenue ex social security taxes shows a massive drop since Bush took office.

     Yet, just days ago, Republican Speaker of the House JD Hastert said that no one earning under 40,000 with a family pays taxes.  Republicans consistently, on the House Floor and on the News Shows keep saying that poorer people don't pay taxes, but the word they keep leaving out of that sentence, the critical word, the only word that would make the sentence true, is "income."  Sure, the poorer people don't pay much, if anything, in income taxes, but they pay lots and lots in payroll taxes.  Got the idea yet?

     The Republicans are saying their tax cuts are helping revenues, but income taxes collection is way down.  It's only payroll tax revenue which has increased. 

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