Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's Two Minute Hate! Courtesy of the US State Department

Hustlers at the State Department
leveraged false reports
of religious identity markers on clothing
(seemingly first reported by neo-Conner Amir Taheri)
to call Iran "despicable." 

Undoubtedly, per usual
reports of the Iranians
forcing Jews to wear a stripe of yellow, Christians red, Zoroastrians blue,
will be far more widespread
than the truth of the matter
or the identity of the scum that fabricated it
or is denied by the sole Jewish member of the Iranian parliament. 

If the State Department
doesn't want to make a comment
about things which are as plain as the nose on your face,
they'll pretend they never heard
   about anyone asking if China should join the G-8 [1]
while he takes time to damn Iran
for a report from Canada
linked to Taheri
which had already been questioned.

     "History Mike" has some more of the details, but not many.

     And that's today's two minute hate, comparing Ahmadinejad to Hitler.

     UPDATE: The main National Post story refuting this is here, but it took me at least a minute to load. 

[1] Which the State Department Spokesweasel actually did today, claiming he'd never heard of anyone asking about China joining the G-8 today, so he had no comment, but was quick to describe Iran as despicable if this story were true.

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