Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Hampshire Passes Law to Encourage Killings Its Kids

     At least, the ones who are molested.  After all, the penalty for molesting a kid, set by the bill, is a mandatory 25 years.

     There is, in fact, no mandatory minimum for second degree murder in New Hampshire, although the maximum penalty is life in prison.  New Hampshire has not executed anyone since 1939, but the death penalty can be applied to, for example, murder during a rape, but that is not the same as child molestation, so probably not applicable here.

     So, if you've fondled a kid, the message Bill O'Reilly wants to send you is to just kill the kid. 

     O'Reilly?  Yup, after Florida passed its law, O'Reilly jumped on the "let's all hate child molestors" bandwagon and used his platform to bully New Hampshire's Governor and most conservative Newspaper into passing this law.  Fuck the Florida Legislature, which has made the theft of 1 dollar from someone over 65 a more serious felony than firing a missile into a building.  Bill O'Reilly should be sent packing for, yet again, being an idiot.

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