Friday, April 15, 2005

Expressions of American Power

     The next Pope will be an Iraq War supporter.  115 or so Cardinals, and yet I can read their minds.

     As the last Pope was such an ardent anti-Communist that he degraded honest liberation when it wasn't part of the US plan (see, where the Catholic Church helped support every US dictatorship in South America, even as Churchmembers were instrumental in overthrowing the dictator of Chile, and then Pope John Paul II even supported mass-murderer Pinochet long after the overthrow of his reign), so to the next Pope shall be an ardent supporter of the Bush plan for bombing the poor and helpless into democracy.

     In his later years, the Pope came out against the war in Iraq. 

     The next Pope, and I will bet anyone $10.00US on this, and possible more than one person, the next Pope will be a supporter of the Iraq War.

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