Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Media Matters for America

     This is a chance to publicly thank them for the great work they have been doing.  It is the exact right thing to be doing, and probably even the best way to do it.  I'd do it differently, but that's probably a military mentality speaking.

     Anyway, I brought it up because of a particularly good LIE they found in the pages of the Wall St. Journal.  Here is the MM discussion.  Basically, the income tax has gotten more regressive, as the income stream itself has moved increasingly into the hands of the rich, but the WSJ says that since they are paying more of the total share of income taxes now, obviously the income tax has become more progressive.  By lying, they hope to keep their fat cat backers happy.  The Wall St Journal regularly publishes such mean-spirited lies for the richest in the world, even as some of their business reporting is accurate.  Kurt Eichenwald, a great investigative journalist, after all, was working at the journal regularly before his book career took off.

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