Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Tension of the Bush Presidency

     Even as this can not be seen but as the most open, the most free-wheeling, the craziest time in the history of information flow ever, the Bush administration plays the game like they can keep secrets.  Do you think they _planned_ to have the Office of Special Plans publicized?  Abu Ghraib?  They are flying into the headwinds of technology, and yet, they adopt/pay/co-opt that same technology, where the misguided morons who blog get funding (300,000,000.00/year is spent by rightist concerns annually, according to a Markos of DailyKos, and that must include blog-episodes like Jeff Gannon).

     Hitler used radio, the Rwandans used radio, the effect on the people is clear.  We might not be terribly bright as a species, but we listen real good.

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