Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope Not Pro-War

     Although he's planning to update Catholic "Just War" Theory, often attributed to Thomas Aquinas. 

     Ratzinger has also said that one could vote for a pro-abortion or pro-euthenasia candidate as long as it was the least evil, all things considered.

     He's still Opus Dei, and this peice from the National Catholic Reporter is by the author of Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith.  The NY Times Review of Books has it here, and that includes the tidbit that Raztinger was "forced" to join Hitler Youth.  Another review is here.  This one includes this quote "His critics accuse Ratzinger of repressive censorship."  So, at least he'll feel at home with the Bush administration.

     But, on Iraq, BXVI had this to say, "it was right to resist the war and its threats of destruction."

     BXVI is definitely the first Pope to have had his own fan web site.

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