Sunday, April 17, 2005

Go, Go Godzilla

     What, we may ask, is the usefulness of the repetition "Everything has changed since 9/11?"  We can say fairly that a lie, repeated often enough, becomes true.  What is the advantage to the powerful to tell us that everything has changed?

     In truth, bomb-plots and terrorism have existed for centuries (see, Gunpowder Plot).  In addition, there will be no more skyjack-missile-attacks in any future I can see.  This reemphasizes the need to ask, why the repitition?

     All along history, governments which become authoritarian have followed similar patterns.  These patterns have more than a passing familiarity to what is occuring in America today (see, Thom Hartmann).  When one claims that "everything has changed" one has declared that history has no relevancy, that no lessons can be learned from the past.  A government moving towards authoritarianism has every reason to claim that what it is doing should not be compared to earlier Republican falls.

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