Thursday, April 14, 2005

Iran Warmongering, Part 726

     Who is worse here, Prime Minister A Sharon of Israel, or J Griffin, interviewer at fox "news?" The real zinger comes as a _question_ from J Griffin, warmonger.  She none-so-subtly compares the mere possession of an Iranian nuclear bomb with the holocaust.

     Here is a warm-ups, parts in [] are my synposis of missing parts. Lines beginning with green bullet are my commentary.
Question 1 • Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. How bad would it be for Iran to get a nuclear bomb?
Answer 1a • [Very bad] [US should take lead put pressure on Iran] "No doubt that their main thought is to possess nuclear weapons. And Iran is a very big country, and you can hide everything there."
Commentary 1a • Sharon here is expressing Israel's long-held, but secret, support for the idea of the world's countries being divided up until they are the size of Lichtenstein or Monaco.
Answer 1b • But we know, and I believe the United States knows that they're working. They're working secretly, but they're working. (INAUDIBLE) is a result of more monitoring (INAUDIBLE), it will take a bit longer time, but they work.
Commentary 1a • These sound like quite industrious people, and very devout in their faith. They are likely members of the Republican Party.
Answer 1c • [Maybe greatest threat in the world.]

Question 13 • But Israel has never relied on Europe for its own defense. And if you're talking about sanctions, Iran has dealt with sanctions in the past, and yet, sanctions will not stop it from achieving a nuclear weapon.
If Israel is left with a choice of protecting Jews and preventing another Holocaust, will you let Iran get the bomb or will you act militarily?
Answer 13 • I've said we believe that that is a great danger, and we can only repeat and say that Israel is not leading the struggle. We are a country and a nation that face I'd say maybe the greatest danger here, but we believe that for the interests of the free world, should be lead by the United States. I would say an international activity, international coalition should be formed, and steps should be taken. And I think that free world should prepare itself to bring the issue to the Security Council, once, of course, if the Iranians will continue and do not take those warnings seriously. Of course it shall be not an easy thing to do, all those countries, there are so many interests, economic interests, other interests. But I believe that it might not be official pressure on Iran, and that also might bring the changes, because I know that people are expecting there will be internal changes in Iran. I think that can happen only if we (UNINTELLIGIBLE) pressure.

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