Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Defeat C Shays(R-CT), 2nd Rate Party Hack

     UPDATE 1: I noticed some hits from ShaysForCongress.com, so I've tried to make this more readable.

     The Great State of Connecticut should be able to find someone better than Christopher Shays to represent them in the US House of Representatives.

     What did C Shays say today?  He said Iraqis don't know what side to be on (Americans or Insurgents).  That Iraqis watch CNN and they aren't sure Americans are going to stay. 

     If Iraqis are only planning not to be corrupt if the Americans stay, we should leave now. 

     But more importantly, CNN is not broadcast in Iraq.  There is no Arabic language version of CNN, either. 

     This was a petty, pro-war peice of hackery (CNN bashing for partisan gain), designed to push the message that the media is the problem, and that nothing is actually going badly. 

     Facing facts, any even slightly dishonest (or even just imperfect) administration, engaged in a war, will blame the media, but that never makes it right.

     From "Iraq: Perceptions, Realities, and Cost to Complete" before a House Committee of unknown composition.

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