Friday, October 14, 2005

New Section of my Blogroll
  •      Rulers.Org, lists every major leadership and major minister change, around the world, every day.  Data on leaders in international organizations and religious organizations.  Contains lots of interesting historic ruler data, such as, Italian States before 1861.  Most people, not quite correctly[*], call the origin of Balance of Power politics from this era.  1861 ended the three wars of Italian Unification, think Garibaldi.

         [*] Venice, by itself, was at war with the Ottomans.  Venice, by itself, was the subject of an attack of almost every major European Power at one point.  Hard to really call it a "balance" of power between Milan, Firenza(Florence), Naples, the Papacy, and Venice.

  •      Citizens for Tax Justice have some of, if not the, best tax impact calculators outside the government.  Been around for 20 years, the head of it, Robert McIntyre, has a column at called The Taxonomist.

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