Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Small Time Tidbits
  • My State Democratic Party e-mailed everyone a link to this peice in the WaPo.  The shortest version: Democrats should concentrate on pandering to the masses and winning, rather than be right.  Go Dems!  Two Clinton officials, as if you needed to know.
  • In other news from my state.  The new State Senate President is against slot machines (yeah) even at the racetracks (yeah) but is OK with slot machines if the state runs them.  But, the real kicker is that the Nashua Telegraph reports him as being of the mind that "there's no need to advance the idea in 2006 because the state has an $82 million budget surplus."

    At least the Republican Senator is better than our Democrat Governor, who took the absurd position that he wouldn't be for "expanded gambling unless he became convinced the state's quality of life would not diminish from it."  Again, according to the Nashua Telegraph.

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